Etzel St.
with Kupershtock Architects

Project Description

Urban renewal creating 1000 units in the Giva Tzarfatit neighbourhood of Jerusalem. 6 towers of 30 stories, commercial facades, public buildings,  public open spaces, relocation of 227+ existing units.

Part of the rise in densification programs in Jerusalem, the municipality realises that there is nowhere to go but up.

This initial plan shows a fully formed solution including public parks, public buildings, commercial storefronts, and residential solutions making it possible for a private entrepreneur to see a profit margin of 20-30%, guaranteeing the chances of success of the project.

The plan includes underground parking – to provide sufficient parking for such a large development – without interrupting the street facade at critical junctures.

Planning includes coordination with local and regional council, residents, and the neighbourhood committee.

The buildings straddle two streets with a height difference of 2 stories between them, and so have a different manners of meeting the street at each level, with a system of commercial frontages, lobbies, commercial podiums and a protected living building at the projects apex.

Project executed in partnership with Kupershtock Architects.

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