Roe Tzon Residence
with Kupershtock Architects

Project Description

High end architectural and residential interior project, David’s Village, Jerusalem. 320 sqm, 2 levels, complete refurbishment. Full design and management services including architecture, interior design and furniture and finish selection, management of design team, client’s “eyes in Israel”.

Taking a large apartment on two floors with a fabulous view, the primary challenges were increasing the number of bedrooms for the children, simplifying the vertical movement between the floors, enlarging the kitchen to a more functional size, and creating layers of privacy throughout the house for the various activities – from entertaining guests to open house events with large numbers of attendees, varying numbers of dinner guests, and of course the grand-kids!

The kitchen, right opposite the main entry, becomes the heart of the house – a wooden box that sits in the space, with the ability to be completely open and airy when preparing food, or hidden behind a traditional mashrabia when more privacy is required.

Bringing us into the public area of the house is a Jerusalem stone wall with a “strata” effect of varying row height. The stone is rough split – a natural finish with no chisel marks, with the faintest seal to make the stone’s colours punch just that bit more and protect from dirt and spills. The stone is a reflection of the Old City walls opposite, bringing the flavour of the city into the house.

From the entrance, the major colours of the house are apparent – antique brass is used in modern applications, contracting against the dark and rippling Amboya wood of the kitchen box, the bedroom doors, and the living room unit. Deep blues are picked out in the furniture, the ceiling highlights, and the fabric wrapped panels of the bedrooms, as well as the bathroom tiling and accessories.

The house, though large, utilizes space saving techniques including Murphy beds for the kids bunks, and an office desk / wall unit combo that turns into a guest bed.

The existing skylight was reduced in size and made symmetrical in the space to reduce heat in the day and help orient the space towards the view.

All of the aluminium windows, doors and curtain walls were upgraded to the newest versions of the original Shuco systems where possible, with the integration of massive wood/aluminium sliding curved doors under the existing domes.

Exteriors are treated with timber deck, deck level planters with hydroponic application, and an outdoor kitchen for entertaining opposite the walls of the old city.

The house is a full smart house, with total control over lighting, A/C, underfloor heating, security systems, audio and video – all from local iPad docks or from anywhere in the world.

The heating and cooling technologies are green and efficient, based on heat exchange pumps.

Initial design was done together with Kupershtock architects while I was a partner there, and the full detailed design, tender, and construction was performed by Miles Hartog Architects.

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