Torah and Science Building
with Ben Dor Architects

Project Description

Science and Biblical Studies Wing, Netivot Yosef Institutions, Mitzpe Jricho.

A Science building, study center, Auditorium, and Dining Hall. 1,835 sq.m. 2019.

A unique facility, combining Torah learning with the study of science, and showing how the two can coexist in harmony.

The building is comprised of three levels and can service 500 students.

The main learning hall or “Bet Midrash” has a domed aluminium roof to provide a lightweight solution for a span of 25m along its main axis.

The entrance lobby is fully glazed to provide expansive views to the desert and dead sea, with shading devices to keep the harsh desert sun off of the southern facade.

The learning hall is stacked over the dining hall, which doubles as an auditorium, able to open up to combine with additional space using retractable acoustic walls.

The science wind provides a lecture and demonstration hall for 100 students, and sits above a research and development wing, dedicated to the creation of learning materials.

Design with Amon Ben Dor Architect.


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