Aristobulus Hotel
at Kupershtock Architects



Kupershtock Architects




100 rooms, 5,400 sqm


32 Million NIS

Ibis hotel at the center of downtown Jerusalem, adjacent to Jaffa st.

Tucked away just off the main pedestrian mall of Jerusalem, beside the light rail line, this building straddles what was previously a small city square, used for parking.

The design has a yellow Jerusalem stone building sitting up against its neighbor, another Jerusalem stone base, and between them, a continuation of the city street becomes the dark paved lobby of the hotel. Suspended above this is the white box of the hotel rooms, picked up with bright aluminum window jambs.

At roof level, a roof garden looking out over Jerusalem, with the required fire escape made of an aluminum mesh imported from Italy, used for the first time in Jerusalem.

100 rooms, mechanical car park.

Responsible architect at Kupershtock Architects.