Ben Gurion Complex Or Akiva Urban Renewal



HaOfakim Etzel Ltd.




668 units



Urban renewal created 670 units in the Ben Gurion neighborhood of Or Akiva. 13 towers of 8-23 stories, commercial facades, public buildings,  public open spaces, and relocation of 175+ existing units.

As part of the extension and development of Or Akiva, the municipality has set its sights on both new projects widening the city limits and densification projects in older areas.

This initial plan shows a fully formed solution with residential buildings at the scale of the surrounding neighborhood. These buildings shore up the streets and give definition to the block. At the center of the project are large public parks, broken into various areas. Public buildings are at the Eastern end of the project along the green path from the North. Commercial facades are placed on the main boulevard to the West of the project. 23-story towers overlook the adjoining Ada River Park.

The plan includes one floor of underground parking (above the water table) – to provide sufficient parking for such an extensive development – without interrupting the street facade at critical junctures. Extra parking is provided in two above-ground parking structures.

Planning has been submitted for the review of residents.