Bikur Cholim Complex
at Kupershtock Architects



Taman Nadlan




67,000 sqm


400 Million NIS

At the center of Jerusalem, at the crossroads of King George and Jaffa Streets and bound by HaNevi’im Street sits the historic Bikur Cholim Hospital site. The project re-imagines the site as a commercial center, modern-day hospital, and residential complex.

Approximately 42,000 sqm above ground and another 25,000 sqm below ground, this project incorporates sites on both sides of Strauss street, including the creation of a new public space above the entrance to the 2 km light rail tunnel under the “Mea Shearim” neighborhood.

Working in tandem with the historic buildings departments of the local and regional councils, the proposed buildings fully restore the original landmark buildings, while upgrading and adding to them both in terms of usage and built area.

Work done on the town planning and initial design phase while at Kupershtock Architects.