Hevron Heights Winery and Hotel
with Alan Cohl Architect



Antipod Ltd.




9,000 sqm


45 Million NIS

10,000 sq m complex comprising a state-of-the-art gravitational winery, visitor’s center, high-end hotel and conference center, and event hall.

Designed to the owner’s vision of a hillside winery utilizing the natural slope of the site to facilitate the movement of the wine from the grape reception at the top of the hill, through the various stages of fermentation, mixing, barreling, and aging – all by gravity and without the use of pumps.

The building is formed by two monumental rectangular wings along the triangular site’s edges, creating play and open space in the void between.

The rectangular wings are imagined as massive stone edifices recalling the nearby historic sites’ Herodian stones, then taking those slabs and floating them above the landscape by using mirrored bases.

When the winery melds into the hotel, the materiality becomes softer, turning to natural wood and black steel.

Project executed in partnership with Alan Cohl Architect.