Noga Factory
at Igal Goldstein Architects



Noga Metals




5,000 sqm


27 Million NIS

Noga Engineering – metalworking equipment factory in Shlomi; approx. 5,000 sq. m. Completed 2001.

Built for the grandchildren of a German roof maker, now running a metals factory in the promised land.

The factory is built around a central courtyard with orange trees and a bubbling fountain, providing light, color, atmosphere, and smells to the workers on their breaks or lunch hour.

The main facade is the office wing, with a classic Jerusalem stone facing and detailing, broken at its center by a twisted hyperbolic truncated pyramid made of the same zinc sheeting with standing seams that the grandfather used in the old country. This pyramid is the visitors’ entrance, leading to the office corridor, with views into the factory floors, dining room, and courtyard.

The factory has a smooth flow of raw materials delivery, production, packaging, and dispatch. Floating above it all is the research and development section, with a view of the factory floor and the courtyard.

Responsible architect at Igal Goldstein Architects