Stephenson House Renovation



Stephenson family




290 sqm


1.3 Million NIS

The major program requirement was flipping the house on its head – the entry level became guest rooms for kids and grandkids when they come to stay, while the upper floor becomes the master bedroom and main living space, with a view to the sea on a clear day, and large areas for entertaining.

The new design raises the room by less than a meter, but enough to reclaim a storage area as an office gallery open to the main floor.

An added MAMAD or secure room provides the floor of a gracious balcony, wrapped with a Mashrabia CNC aluminum railing.

The same railing wraps down to the entry door and reappears on the open indoor stair that invites guests into the space, the green of the split-level garden beckoning the guest in and accompanying them up to the living room level.